About Engine Systems

In 1972, Engine Systems built their first 500+ cubic inch engine based on the
Ford 429-460 platform. This 514" engine, using production Cobra Jet cylinder heads, flat tappet cam and a single carburetor produced 620 horsepower and over 600 ft/lb
of torque. In 1972, that was a major accomplishment.

As the decades have passed, available components for the 385 series Ford engine have improved and Engine Systems has been a vital part of the horsepower evolution, providing developmental input to the manufacturers of race engine components.
The typical customer's engine in 2011 is in the 528 to 632 cubic inch range producing 900 to 1300+ horsepower with no power adders.

Big inch Fords have been the mainstay of Engine Systems, but Chryslers, Chevrolets and many other types of engines have benefited from the technology available at our Tucker facility. Our team is comfortable working with any needs of the performance community, regardless of vehicle make.

The recent addition of our Cincinnatti Milacron 3-axis CNC mill adds another dimension to the services at Engine Systems. If you can imagine a part, Engine Systems can design and produce it. Our in-house CAD designers are not just computer wizards,
but racers too! The CAD design and CNC mill offerings can benefit commercial and industrial customers as well as our performance and racing friends.

Engine Systems customers range from local repair shops in need of good basic machine work to "all out" racers in drag race, stock car, mud race truck/tractor pullers and boats. The local street rod enthusiasts are at home at Engine Systems as well.
Ted and his entire family has grown up in the racing and street rod community
and have a small fleet of cool rods and racers.

Regardless of your performance machining needs, you will be in good hands
at Engine Systems.
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